Oil Fields Development

Field Development can be defined simply as the process of turning an oil and gas opportunity into a sanctioned project. It consists of identifying and defining, as a system, all the components required to develop and operate oil and gas fields successfully. It is the phase in project development where value is added to the opportunity.

Filed Development is a multi-disciplinary task involving the expertise of subsurface, drilling, facilities, project, operations, health and safety, environmental and commercial specialists. There are a number of value improvement processes and activities employed in the Field Development process from framing and workshops through to safety and environmental reviews, cost and schedule estimates and economic evaluations.

Field Development typically begins following exploration success when Oil Companies commence the Assess phase of project development which, if successful, continues through to the Define phase and FID. In some cases Field Development addresses brown-field redevelopment opportunities.

Our field development capabilities encompass:

•             Pre-exploration quick field development concept selection and cost estimating in support of exploration or farm-in valuation and economic assessment.

•             Post discovery, multi-disciplinary development concept selection and cost estimating including economic trade off evaluations to suit needs whether it is an early production scenario, a full field development, or a brown-field re-development.

•             Managing all front-end activities including coordination of multiple disciplines, cost estimating, and “total field development” if required, from concept through FID, including all aspects of Assess and Select phases of Field Development.

•             Provision and coordination of Peritus SURF technical disciplines as well as of third party sub-surface, drilling, process facilities, operations, commercial, HSE and regulatory approval consultants.