Investment in Hungary

Hungary has a continental climate and is influenced by 3 climate zones known as the Oceanic climate, Subarctic climate and the Mediterranean climate Autumn and Spring are usually short while summer is typically warm reaching a minimum of 25 degrees and a maximum of 35 degrees. In 2012, Hungary opened its doors to foreign investors to help boost the economy and in return offering them permanent residency which would lead to citizenship.

• Lifelong permanent residency

• Access to quality healthcare in Hungary and throughout the EU

• Visa exempt within Schengen countries in Europe by using your Hungarian passport

• Entire family has access to state education

Qualifying Criteria

The Hungary Investors Residency Bond program has no set requirements, but administration has the right to request an interview meeting with a prospective applicant. All applicants would need to provide documents proving their source of income and personal net worth.

Investment process

Applicants must invest an amount of EUR 250,000 which is refundable after 5 years and must be issued by a Residency Bond Agent which is approved by Hungarian authorities.

No financing options available for this program and applicants are responsible for all visa and processing fees.